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Never before has any promotional medium combined all these features in such an uncompromising way. Great DESIGN, high QUALITY AND AESTHETICS of the finishes – that’s why this is a perfect product for promoting any brand, whether it is on the beach, an exclusive interior, a concert or a sports event.

The Original STARX Pneumatic Flag – exceptional brand support in all conditions with a wide range of STARX bases.

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Our designers rose to the challenge and came up with an amazing, never-before-seen product  There is no other original pneumatic flag apart from STARX.

Starx products are protected and filed to the Polish Patent Office and the European Union Food Safety Authority. intellectual property objects in the form of inventions, utility models and designs. By using original Strax pneumatic solutions, you do not infringe intellectual property rights. If you have further questions, send an e-mail to:

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Starx flags are designed and manufactured with the most advanced materials and technology available. Traditional flagpoles, especially the larger ones, are usually associated with heavy metal components that often require specialist tools to assemble.

Starx flags represent a whole new era of advertising media which, thanks to compressed air, can be set up in a remarkably short time and can reach incomparably larger sizes. All that is possible thanks to the combination of a TPU sealed inner liner with an outer shell made using the technology, normally implemented in professional sports equipment production.

The mast is pumped by hand or with an electric pump through a valve, and the pressure regulation is supervised by the OVER PRESSURE control system. The Starx flag was created to promote the brand so that it would be easier, safer, lighter and more impressive.

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This product is innovative, professional and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who has had the opportunity to work with it. Great products require great salespeople, great salespeople require great challenges. Don’t waste time and join the ranks of distributors selling STARX flags. See if it is still possible in your region by contacting us at: